About LM Wallet

LM Wallet allows customers to store their money in a digital wallet. The customers can use the wallet money for purchasing products from the Local Market. The customers can add money to their wallet using Paytm Payment . The customers will receive their cashback amount in their wallet account. Local Market can process refund to customer wallet.

What Is LM Wallet?

It is a virtual wallet linked to your Localmt.in account where you will be able to access your refund(s). The Wallet Balance can be used for future purchases at any time.

Can I Still Pay With My Wallet If I Already Applied Bonus Points And/Or A Coupon Code?

Yes! You may use your Wallet Balance as well as a Coupon and Bonus Points

How To Use My Wallet?

You may view the Wallet Balance at checkout and apply it to your purchase.

Can I Transfer My Wallet Balance To Another Local Market Account?

Unfortunately, transferring the Wallet Balance from one Local Market account to another one is not possible. 

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