Quicker Math Practice Book

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Magical Book Series
Practice Book on Quicker Math

Quicker Math Practice Book
Quicker Math Practice Book



Magical Book Series
Practice Book on Quicker Math


Quicker Methods
Every competitive exam of today is a matter of time management. May be you know all the
questions asked in a particular exam but due to shortage of time you are unable to solve all
of them. Here “Quicker Methods” play their essential role and provide you speedy solutions
This book contains more than 150 Rules (Quicker Methods). These rules cover each and
every kind of question of arithmetic asked in exams. If you learn these rules by heart, you will

Unique Book
This is a unique book in the sense that every chapter starts with “Rule”, “llustrative Example
(with detailed and quicker solutions and “Exercises”with their Answers and Hints These
methods, presented in such a manner, are not available in any single book published in India.
New quicker methods for solving the problems on “Permutations and Combinations”,
“Probability””Height and Distance”,”True Discount”, “Banker’s Discount”

The book is exhaustive in the sense that this single book covers each and every topic which
is relevant for the competitive exams. More than 6000 questions with solutions have been
incorporated in this book. The book covers every type and variation of the problems that are
asked in today’s competitive exams. Some new chapters have been added to include the
latest trends. Such an exhaustive and complete collection of questions is not available in any

Catering to All Needs
This book will be a boon for the aspirants of today’s competitive exams irrespective of their
background whether thay come from Arts, Science or Commerce streams. Practice
questions have been given rulewise. Rules have been clarified through illustrative examples
with both the detailed and the quicker methods. Direct formulae are beneficial for one and all

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